Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Would that be a moving violation?

G-d bless Dan Abrams! If it weren't for Dan, crappy TV & my inability to concentrate long enough to do something productive (like read), I wouldn't know that pedestrian poultry could be cited for crossing the road. According to the ContraCosta Times (and Dan), a chicken belonging to Linc & Helena Moore flew the coop and went for a little stroll on March 26. Unfortunately, the chicken didn't cross the road at a designated cross-walk, jay-walking is illegal in Johannesburg, CA and Kern Count Sheriff's Deputy J. Nicholson issued the chicken a ticket for "impeding traffic." The Moore's have since entered a plea of "not guilty" in Superior Court, and a trial date has been set for May 16. I'm really looking forward to gavel-to-gavel coverage on Court TV.

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