Monday, May 09, 2005

If I roll back the odometer to 0, do I have a new car?

I've got Olbermann on in the background and I'm chuckling at his discussion with Dr. Drew Pinsky about the Run-away bride" case that is so very irresistable. Apparently, among the problems "Run-Away Bride" Jennifer Willbanks had was her history of shoplifting (her current attorney successfully prosecuted her in the past), and her fiancees born-again virginity [note to self: there is such a thing as bad publicity if you're not a wannabe celebrity]. Now I've heard of girls talking about "secondary virginity," but this is the first I've heard of it from a guy.

I hate to break it these folks but you can go through a long period of celibacy but unless you're a time traveler (or have secret knowledge how to perform a targeted brain injury to remove the memory), you can't regain your virginity. Trust me, I'd love to forget the less than stellar experience of losing my virginity (and every other bad sexual experience I'm sorry to say I've had), but you can't and telling yourself and anyone else you're a born-again virgin doesn't make you anything but a liar or someone in denial. If you regret past sexual experiences and think it's best to remain celibate until you get married - go ahead, but don't disregard your past. It was a learning experience, it was how you learned what is right for you and lead you to being the person you are today - but rest assured, you are not a virgin anymore than my car is brand new.

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