Monday, May 02, 2005

Pat Roberston contends religious affiliation should preclude high level government service

Pat Roberston, in an appearance on ABC's "This Week", announced that adherence to religion and belief in scripture should be used to prevent a person from service in high level government positions, including judgeships. According to Roberston, he'd be wary of those with religious affiliation (even those whose affiliation is with non-fundamentalist denominations) based on what he considers offensive rhetoric in scripture which, by implication, verifies the inherent contradiction between adherence to religion and support of modernity and democracy. In particular, Robertson expressed concern over religious references to "war against infidels." Robertson is not the only leader to cite a concern about the potential of those with religious affiliation serving in that sort of capacity in the US government, Robertson's concern was seconded by Traditional Values Coalition Chairman Louis "It is not a civil right. It is a behavior" Sheldon.

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