Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Sound & The Furry*: Religzoology

It seems as though we all missed the brouhaha in Oklahoma as the Tulsa Zoo had to defend a statute of an elephant while having the testicular fortitude to reverse an earlier capitulation to religious wing-nuts and just say no to a creationism exhibit.

The whole issue started when Dan Hicks & his Fundie Friends noticed that the Hindu god Ganesh (that heathen Hindu land of India is pretty damned famous for it's elephants) was part of a display outside the elephant exhibit (the display also includes the Republican mascot which happens to be, well by gosh, an elephant). To make matters worse, the zoo also has *gasp* a marble globe inscribed with the Native American saying: "The earth is our mother. The sky is our father." (have I mentioned that heathen Native Americans used to freely roam what is now the good, Christian state of Oklahoma?). Utter disgust at the obvious sleight against Christianity and non-condemnatory references to polytheism without correction spurred the divine need for Hicks, et al to beat their chests in a homage to monotheistic monkeys and demand a creationism exhibit to set the record straight.

In today's meeting regarding the display, the park board didn't allow public comment (the public was peeved to Kingdom Come about that) but did end up deciding not to allow the creationism exhibit and to keep Ganesh as part of the elephant display which prompted Dan Hicks to complain to the high heavens about religious censorship
"The zoo has basically put themselves right back in the position they were when the petitioners started this. They have religious displays; that is not debatable."
No word whether the Flat Earth Society will join in Hicks' crusade and demand a display to counter the potentially damaging effects of representing the world with a marble globe.

For more history and Tulsa's (in)ability to pay for this mess, check out BubbaWorld.

*Hat tip to CNTodd for being a great sport

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