Wednesday, July 06, 2005

How could anything be more gratifying than "wimmins work"?

I'm sure if you've looked, you've seen a lot of people (myself included) having a field day poking fun at the Honorable Rick Santorum's (R-VA) new book "It Takes a Family". After reading Amanda's post last night, I'm starting to think that, maybe, we're too hard on the senator. The comments on Pandagon nail little Ricky for indicating that it is acceptable (and down-right proper) for him, as a man, to spend scads of time away from home in order to continue his fulfilling job, instead of find a more suitable position that would enable him to be available to assist in the daily management of his household. This is feminist tripe at its worst, he has a good wife (who does not work outside the home) - and everyone knows a good wife does not need any help in fulfilling her wifely duties. Plus, how could anyone criticize the man for working primarily in DC while his wife and 6 children reside at their 2 bedroom primary domicile in PA*; the upkeep on a small house like that (especially one that lacked a permit for occupancy as of November 2004) should be a breeze for a woman of Mrs. Santorum's exemplary wifely capabilities and the small size of the house should make child-monitoring quite the easy task.

The good Senator and his wife have made a committment to the cause of bettering the world and leading by example, people should be more appreciative
for what this man is doing on behalf of the American family. Instead, they chastise him as having a problem with women (especially mothers) obtaining an education they do not need and working outside the home, this is far from the truth. Santorum's concern is the fact that women are working outside the home and finding the experience to be worthwhile & fulfilling, and obtaining . He clearly states as much in his book
"And for some parents, the purported need to provide things for their children simply provides a convenient rationalization for pursuing a gratifying career outside the home."
". . .they find it easier, more “professionally” gratifying, and certainly more socially affirming, to work outside the home than to give up their careers to take care of their children"
Do these people not see the magnitude of his generosity to put the needs of other, obviously ignorant, families so he can spend time enacting legislation that would correct the errors of our ways, write such wonderful books so we can learn what is good, proper and moral, and how to put one's family first? Santorum's purpose in these statements is a call to action for every person of conscience in order to correct/prevent the severe damage professional gratification and personal fulfillment can do to any mother and her children?
Women who work, including mothers, are consistently found to be healthier, less depressed, and less frustrated than women who do not.

Nor is it true that working women are selfishly choosing their own fulfillment over their children's needs. In fact, a certain amount of "selfishness" seems to be good for kids as well as moms. A woman's satisfaction with her role as a worker, homemaker, or spouse, whatever that role may be, is one of the best predictors both of a good relationship with her child and of the child's own well-being.
Let's be honest, Santorum is right, there's absolutely no reason whatsoever for a woman to find gratification beyond that inherent in motherhood and being her husband's indentured servant. If feminists would just stop perpetrating the myth that a woman's mental well being is of any consequence and cruelly misleading women to desire egalitarian relationships and/or personal satisfaction, women would just embrace marriage (& eschew divorce, as there's rarely a legitimate reason for it) for the social status, as well as the joy of being her husband's wife and mother to his children.

* they really live in VA, but claim PA residence so he can ruin my state instead of his own

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