Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Doin' Time til they talk?

Well it looks like Time magazine couldn't quite keep Matt Cooper out of trouble by turning over copies of notes. Special Prosecuter Patrick Fitzgerald is still demanding Cooper testify or be held in contempt. Fitzgerald also denied Cooper and NY Times reporter Judith Miller's request that they be grounded instead of going to jail. Despite their assurances that giving up their cell phones and missing the prom would teach them a lesson, Fitzgerald stated he didn't believe a simple time-out would make them feel in any way compelled to comply with the court order and assist in the investigation of someone who leaked classified information.

Sorry guys, it's one thing to protect a whistle-blower or someone whose live would be endangered if it were known they outed a criminal, it's a whole other thing to protect the criminal who ID'd a CIA agent to settle a political score, so I don't buy the "a reporter must have a shield law" excuse. This being said, Miller didn't report jack and I don't know what else they can get from Cooper since they already have his notes from Time. Novak's skating through so he better have testified without perjuring himself (or his ass should be hauled off to jail too), but somehow the shill seems a little too well lubed to ever be held responsible for anything he's done.

Update 6Jul05: Dark Wraith has spoken & The Heretick has chimed in as well - why does anyone watch made for TV soap operas when we have this?

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