Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Cooper sings while Miller keeps it zipped

Raw Story is reporting that in order to avoid jail time, Time reporter Matt Cooper has agreed to testify in front of the grand jury to provide additional details about PlameGate. NY Times reporter, Judith Miller, will be headed to a DC area jail since she refuses to testify (I don't like her but, for crying out loud, she didn't publish anything on the story), and Bob Novak (the Bush shill who broke the story) probably had a very nice lunch today.

According to Dark Wraith, Plame was well known as a former CIA operative in Washington at the time of her "outing" & her status as a NOC was treated casually as well (whether it should have been or not, is another story altogether), this would explain how the shill Novak seems to have managed to avoid additional scrutiny and how Rove will get away with claiming he didn't knowingly out Plame to Novak, Cooper or Miller (my guess is that if her NOC status was treated so casually, it was due to some sort of Rovian political paybackscheme). Auntie Roo (in her comments on Blondesense) begs to differ a big on Wraith's points by providing a timeline for the leak as well as an interesting transcript of a PBS Newshour show with an ex-CIA agent stating that she was an undercover operative at the time.

There has got to be so much more to this and a huge reason that Miller is still keeping her mouth shut (other than the supposed need for journalistic shield to protect all sources as innocent whistle-blowers instead of spilling the beans when the source is potentially complicit in a crime) when others are now squealing like pigs, could there be some great reward for her loyalty or is she, as Joe Wilson claims, just collateral damage?

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