Sunday, July 03, 2005

Canadian columnist likens US media to Pravda; Republicans declare war

OK, not quite but Toronto Star reporter Linda McQuaig did make the dreaded Ruskie reference which I'm sure will be raised if Canadian journos insist on supporting the notion that the DSM have been verified as accurate (they have, but shhhhhhh it's a secret). As McQuaig and many bloggers continue to point out, Bush illegally started the war while fixing the supposedly faulty intel to justify getting Congress to let him invade and nary a peep was heard from US media.
The Bush administration and the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee blamed this on "faulty intelligence," an explanation the media have largely parroted.

The Senate committee promised last summer to probe what role the White House may have played in concocting the faulty intelligence — but only after the presidential election. Once the president was re-elected last fall, the Senate committee chairman, Republican Pat Roberts, simply cancelled the promised investigation of the White House's role, insisting it would be "a monumental waste of time to replow this ground any further."

Replow it further? How about plowing it once?

Roberts's decision to let the administration off the hook on Iraq was barely covered in the media.
McQuaig goes on to note that, in his speech last week, Bush reiterated his tired notion that 9/11 was to reason we had to invade Iraq, and yet, US press didn't hound him about repeating the lie especially in the face of DSM. My late Uncle was always fond of Pravda, said it served its function well because it was soft - I wonder which American rag he'd think most wipe-worthy.

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