Friday, June 17, 2005

Yet another Bush refuses to admit he's wrong

Jeb Bush, is proving (yet again) that he is far from rational or objective as a state leader - either that or he's trying to to distract from Bill Frist's own lack of intellectual and clinical honesty in the circus that was Terri Schiavo's last few years of "life." Despite the fact his personal beliefs about Terri Schiavo's clinical condition being discredited, brother Jeb has decided to waste more tax payer money to redirect the attention from the major cock-ups made by him and Congress in the Schiavo case by opening an investigation into what caused Schiavo's original collapse over 15 years ago. According to Bush, he's only doing this because he has just received "new information" that Michael Schiavo did not call for an ambulance immediately (the implication being that, in a passive-aggressive murder plot, he had some idea that her collapse was potentially life-threatening and intentionally delayed treatment) and that the Schindler family deserves to know what may have caused the collapse if nothing else. I've never heard of criminal type investigations to uncover the etiology of a condition that was questioned years later in a civil dispute (i.e., if they're not using it to find some way to charge Michael Schiavo with murder/attempted murder, why open this investigation?)./ Additionally, I must question why, if they were so concerned Terri had been misdiagnosed, her family supported Michael Schiavo in the malpractice case in which it was determined clinical evidence that was disregarded could have prevented decompensation to the point of her collapse, instead of asking for additional clinical evaluation closer to the time of Terri's original collapse.

The hubris of Jeb Bush and the "pro-life" movement in their unwillingness to accept any facts other than ones with which they agree (or, in some cases, create). If they want to waste their own money to go tilting at windmills, so be it - but the continued use and abuse of taxpayer money must stop.

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