Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sexual abuse, Religion & Political Conservatism

The renewed interest in RDick Santorum's assertion that Boston may have been affected more significantly by the scandal because they have an extremely large Catholic population in comparison to other locales instead of the fact they have many well respected academic centers (terrible bastions of liberalism) and all those other heathen liberals.

As of January 2000, the United States had the largest Christian population in the world with over 224 Million self-identified adherents to a Christian religion (that was 85% of the popultaion). Catholics make up the largest single denomination of Christians in the United States; the state of Massachusetts has the seventh highest number of Catholics with second highest proportion of them (a little over 49%). Despite this, the Catholic church sex scandal affected all but 4 states (Alaska, Arkansas, Tennessee & Utah).

Like Santorum, many conservatives like to think of the scandal in the church as being a "liberal" problem or a "
Catholic invasion by homosexuals" problem. The facts, again, do not support these claims as the scandal has affected conservative states and countries outside the US. This type of behavior is not limited to the Catholic church, as other religious institutions have also had to deal with its effects, including those in nice, wholesome, "red" states like Tennessse, Louisiana (I believe final count was 9 arrested for child & animal rape; don't buy the convenient reference to devil worship), & Florida. It's not limited to liberals. Oh yeah, and it's not limited to same gender sex. On the bright side, they do occasionally get punished.

This is old hat I know, but I keep hoping that if we keep reminding people of some facts, maybe some of that shit ignorant bigots continuously toss around might not stick so well.

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