Monday, June 06, 2005

Plumbing & Prose: Flushing Scripture

Lindsay points out the Rude Pundit says it's a
"Goddamn shame you put so much belief into a replaceable inanimate object."
He's right, while it is rude, inappropriate, & unnecessarily incendiary to go out of your way to trash a religious or patriotic symbol, it's a bit much to go all ape-shit because someone else doesn't treat symbols of your personal beliefs with the degree of respect you think necessarily. The real issue at Gitmo is the (mis)treatment of detainees.

Maybe, the Republigelicals can remember this

the next time they get all bunched up because someone burns the flag, mucks with the pledge of allegiance or submerges a crucifix in urine (what is it with piss and religious symbolism?).

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