Sunday, June 05, 2005

Planned Parenthood Perversity?

This is something the Cotillionistas would do, take their references to PP fighting against the fishing expeditions of Steve Carter and Phil Kline, implicate sex-ed classes and PP as conduits to facilitate inapropriate sexual relationships between little girls and adult men, and ignore a pretty significant (and completely skeevesome) bit of information. According to the conservatives, PP exploits (maybe even encourages) these relationships without reporting them to ensure they can continue to turn a profit from performing abortions on these girls. In their minds, if clinics that perform abortions would just call the authorities and stop "pushing" abortions and/or contraceptives on these girls, the problem would decrease substantially.
"The loopiest free-sex advocates might imagine that after sex-ed courses on how to put a condom on a banana, 13-year-old girls blissfully explore their bodies with 13-year-old boys. Put aside that this vision will make most parents gag, it's not how it works. Teen sex often involves adult men exploiting teen girls. Estimates are that in 60 percent or more of teen births, the father is an adult. A California study found that the fathers in births to junior-high-school mothers were on average nearly 7 years older."
I'm not sure you can reasonably draw the conclusion from the above referenced study that the majority of (barely pubescent) girls engaging in sexual activity are getting it on with significantly older guys; in fact, it's actually possible that the study implies girls in these inappropriate relationships are more likely to get pregnant and have a baby than girls who are sexually active with boys closer to their own age (relationships that do not necessarily constitute statutory rape).

It sounds like my suggestion that the states start investigating the OBs and hospitals delivering babies to these little girls to determine if
they're reporting this very obvious statutory rape may be more on target than I thought. The authorities certainly would have better luck at finding the men who are committing these acts with young girls (and some easily obtainable forensic evidence to substantiate the charges).

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