Sunday, June 26, 2005

Frothy white Christian goodness in a Jr size cup

Lauren pointed me to the mole and, I have to say, I'm glad I didn't see the post at Feministe last night or I would have stayed home glued to my computer. This description of the widely applauded speech by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, is juicy stuff [emphasis added]
He went on to explain that most blacks have "stopped thinking for themselves" and the reason they suffer is "because of a lack of moral character." He believes it is the plan of the left to keep blacks angry so their judgement is clouded which is why they vote for people like Bill Clinton. And this anger "is what's wrong with black people." Furthermore, white people (of which I believe almost the entire audience was) "owe it to black people to be honest [about black's lack of thinking], and if they don't like it, you can always run." This little bit of advice is also how he ended his moral pitch about the problems of his race. But he didn't stop at just black people... the one where I had to truely constrain myself was when he announced it's not only black people, but "we now have Muslim folks moving in and they don't like us... they want to kill us."
It takes a strong black man like the good Reverend to stand up and point out how far off the mark Howard Dean was for referring to the Republican party as "pretty much a white Christian party". No word on whether the Christian Coalition, the "incidentally Jewish" Ken Mehlman, or Senator Joe Lieberman have called on CRNC or Rev. Peterson to apologize for racist remarks disparaging blacks and Muslims.

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