Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The emperor's same old clothes

In a Gallup poll conducted last Thursday - Sunday, 57% of respondents said the war in Iraq was not worth it while 41% were still in support of the war. Additionally 56% of the 1,006 adults polled said they thought the war was going "badly" or "very badly." These results represent a continued decrease in support of the President's policy on Iraq and lend support to the legislators who want the administration to provide a detailed plan and timetable for the withdrawal of troops. Despite the decrease in support for the Iraq War, the administration's "War on Terror", the President's low approval ratings, the increase in pressure from Congress and private citizens for an investigation into the circumstances under which the war was declared, and Senator John McCain (R-AZ) disputing VP Dick Cheney's overly optimistic assertion that the insurgency is in it's "last throes", the administration continues to keep it's blinders on:
In a prime time news conference last week, Bush said the United States is "making really good progress in Iraq, because the Iraqi people are beginning to see the benefits of a free society."
The conservative attempt to discredit the "Downing Street Memo" and supporting documentation as "fake" (as opposed to "frauds") are about as rational and easy to defend as Ann Coulter's assertion that liberals are incapable of intelligent discussion on the matter (because they disagree with her). The documents have been verify as credible and it's time to get the main stream media to do some actual journalism instead of part of the cover-up and start sorting out the mess and holding people accountable for their actions/mis-deeds. One small part of the puzzle regarding the lack of response/reporting by the main stream media (MSM) may be (further) uncovered as Raw Story is reporting that the GAO has agreed to investigate White House contracts with media to determine how widespread and the degree of impropriety. The next step is to get the folks in MSM to remember what journalism and investigative reporting is and then actually start reporting on critical issues instead of just glossing over them.

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