Saturday, June 25, 2005

LIA: Zach's readers used blog to "stir up a bunch of stuff"

I got home not too long ago to an email that contained an advanced copy of a bit to air on the next This Way Out (Hat Tip to atypical Joe for hooking me up on this). The story is a short chronical of how EJ Friedman's interactions with and posts about Zach and how Terence Heath started the blogswarm that, apparently, got big enough (through folks like Amanda Marcotte & Pam Spaulding - the latter of whom is read by family therapist Paul Chirumbolo who filed a Child Abuse report to Tennessee authorities on Friday morning, June 10, reporting suspected willful cruelty, child endangerment, and "suicidal ideation" of a minor) that Mike Ditto reports the LIA folks blame the investigation on the internet.
"The Internet accusations on holding kids without their permission ... and the other crazy allegations are ridiculous," said John Smid, the group's executive director.
But Smid says it is connected.


He said the accusation was probably filed by someone who read the blog [Zach's blog] and used it "as a foundation to stir up a bunch of stuff."
Hopefully between the AP picking the story up and Peterson Toscano's speeches on the ex-gay movement and his performances, the general public will become aware of the damage that's done when people (especially children) are told they must reject themselves because their very nature is an abomination in the eyes of G-d.

Speaking of Peterson Toscano,
he'll be in Memphis tomorrow and in the Philly area on Wednesday & Thursday (followed by a drive to Blacksburg, VA I can still do in my sleep).

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