Wednesday, June 22, 2005

overblown bouts of overreaching

I don't know what CE Petro's babbling about, going on about how there's some sort of evidence of actual religious intolerance at the USAFA. Sure a Jewish cadet was asked how he felt about killing Jesus and that the Yale Divinity group, invited on campus to improve the issues after the reported sexual assault problems on campus, reported a few incidents of proselytizing
"The chaplain who was there in the midst of the sermon extorted his cadets that they needed to go back to their bunks and bear witness, to proselytize, to bring their bunk mates to become Christians and, if they didn't, and, in fact, that there would be consequences for them."
Sure the Air Force investigation indicates the USAFA may have "failed to accomodate the diverse religious needs of cadets and staff," but according to Air Force deputy chief of staff for personnel Lt. Gen. Roger Brady, it may be overstating the problem by calling it intolerance
"There is a lack of awareness on the part of some faculty and staff, and perhaps some senior cadets, as to what constitutes appropriate expressions of faith," said Brady.

Brady said he was unsure whether many of the incidents qualified as intolerance, but said "there's certainly insensitivity" at the institution.

"Yes, I think there were cases where people said some things perhaps from a lecturn that were overreaching, forgetting their position, that put cadets perhaps in an untenable position in terms of, 'Gee, am I going to pass Physics 101 if I don't agree with this guy?,"' he said.

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