Friday, September 05, 2008

Who cares if [Sarah Palin] can answer questions?

I wish I were joking about this. In, about one of the most offensive comments to come from the McCain campaign, Nicolle Wallace said "Who cares" when asked if Palin can answer questions about domestic and foreign policy.

While the McCain campaign and Palin supporters decry any question whether Mrs. Palin has the necessary experience, background and comprehension of critical issues to serve in this country's second highest office, they are doing everything possible to avoid allowing her to show her mettle. One can only surmise that this is just more of the McSame administration having to memorize speeches/read from teleprompters and stick to a carefully scripted statement lest one show one's ignorance of the issue or temper (and, I guess, to limit the impact of making things up or use of lies that may not be so easily spun).

Yes, the straight talk express is now the no talk express. Mrs. Palin will tell the people what the Bush Administration McSame campaign, Republican Party and Daddy Dobson want her to tell the people and any interviews will be done in the confines and care of overt supporters to ensure the script is adhered to and/or the editors are sympathetic to the cause.

Who cares indeed.

More info from Jay Carney @ Time

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