Sunday, September 14, 2008

Since the McCain-Palin administration is considering war with Russia

Last month, Russia-Georgia tensions exploded as Russia began an armed offensive against Georgia over South Ossetia. Since the breakdown of the USSR, the region has been less than stable and the root of much of this instability is "ethnic tensions". South Ossetia in Georgia is no different but the degree to which Russia and Georgia are willing to fight this battle out is of great concern. To make a long story short, the South Ossetians aren't to happy about having been annexed by Georgia (where they're treated like second class citizens) and held a referendum in 2006 in which they voted for independence.

Sarah Palin has a problem with a larger country invading a smaller country (if that smaller country is considered "Democratic") and thinks that smaller (unstable) country, Georgia, should be invited into NATO and that the US should go to war to protect them.

We have a puppet in Georgia, his name is Mikheil Saakashvili. According to the Russians, the US has helped finance the militarization of Georgia. Now, granted, the Russians are not the most reliable of sources but the US government does have a history of a philosophy is that the enemy of our enemy is our friend - remember when Saddam Hussein was our friend and ally? South Ossetia's desire to be independent of Georgia be damned - we have a game to play and we're prepared for the small people to take the consequences so we can try to control other countries via the puppetmasters we install/support.

McCain-Palin has decided that Russia is solely at fault and the only agressor, so like our invasion of Iraq, the Republicans are willing to further destabilize an unstable region by considering yet another war.
  • 07Aug08 - Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili ordered a cease-fire; fighting intensified
  • 08Aug08 - Georgia launched a military offensive, in violation of a 1992 ceasefire, crossed a security zoned to surround & capture Tskhinvali
  • 09Aug08 - Russia got pissed and sunk a Georgian missle boat
  • 12Aug08 - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev agreed to a 6-point peace plan brokered by Carla Bruni's husband Nicolas Sarkozy - both sides were to sign the agreement 17Aug08
  • 15Aug08 - the shit hit the fan as Russia dropped cluster bombs on civilian areas of Georgia
  • 1Sep08 - Georgia admits they too have used cluster bombs against their enemy
Anyone who know my family history knows, I'm no fan of the Russians. In this case, my guess is that Saakashvili made some serious miscalculations in bringing things to a boil and these miscalculations were based on the support he receives from BushCo and expects to continue to receive from BushCo II: Palinistas on steroids a McCain-Palin administration. This conflict has the potential to degenerate into something much worse and each side's willingness to use cluster munitions is just a preview of how bad things could get. The US would do better not to further inflame the situation by talking about the possibility of entering a war we can ill afford at this point in time.

For more info on cluster bombs go to Survivor Corps


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