Tuesday, September 16, 2008


John "the fundamentals of the US economy are strong" McCain has finally decided that maybe the current economic problems facing our country aren't only "mental" in nature and has announced that, as President, he will take decisive action. Buoyed by Carly Fiorina's ringing endorsement of his executive capabilities, McCain has decided to address our economic woes by putting together a commission:

It's clear that the failed policies of the Bush administration, rife with corruption and disdain for regulation, have made this recession unavoidable and it's abundantly clear that a McCain-Palin administration is more than one Bush sequel too many for this country to bear. Now that he's been busted on his total oblivion to the economic crisis and the fact that people realize his running mate's idea of reform is to just be a little less corrupt, McCain is suddenly saying that he's all gung-ho for reform and regulation. Says Jeffrey Sachs, a economist and special advisor the U.N. secretary-general [emphasis, mine]:
"I think right now that this is a recession that's going to happen," he said."I don't see anybody being able to stop that giant wave. The question is how we get out if it."

Sachs said he thinks Obama's plan is "closer" to being on target, with his calls for regulation. McCain also has started talking about increased regulation, but Sachs said McCain has "reinvented himself in the last 24 hours" with such talk. CNN


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