Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mothers have a friend in Sarah Palin - or not

Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has intimated that, as a mother of 5, women - especially other mothers would have someone in the Whitehouse that would take their concerns seriously. This buoyed the hopes of 15 mothers who decided this was the time to reach out to the candidate
MomsRising, which in two short years has amassed a membership of 140,000 citizens and counts 85 affiliated groups nationwide, yesterday tried to hand-deliver a letter signed by thousands of its members to Palin's office in Washington. In its letter, the group says it was dazzled to see a mom on stage at the Republican convention, accepting the nomination for vice president, but that it has some questions for her. MR wants to know where she stands on issues such as healthcare, afterschool programs, paid sick days and equal pay for working women. LA Times

So how did the Palinistas react to the mob-o-moms? They blew them off, telling group to drop the letter in the post.


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