Saturday, September 06, 2008

does this mean she's NOT a Reformer?

Earlier this week, "Concerned Woman" Michelle Bachman (R-MN) made an appearance on Larry King Live and hailed Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin as a "reformer" for selling the former Alaskan Governor's plane on eBay

She also noted that Mrs. Palin was against that infamous bridge to nowhere and, like her claims on that bridge, it seems as though Palin's stories about the jet and its sale on ebay have been embellished a bit:
Palin's statement implied that the plane had sold through the online auction site, which is revered for empowering millions of small entrepreneurs. And on Thursday, Palin's spokeswoman, Maria Comella, insisted that the transaction had occurred.

The plane did sell -- but not on EBay. The aircraft was offered on the website but didn't find a buyer.
Additionally, it seems as though the jet and its use may not have been as extravagant as previously alleged
Because Alaska does not have adequate prison capacity, it contracts for space with a private facility near Phoenix. On Thursday, 24% of the 4,546 Alaskans in jail or prison were serving their time at Arizona's Red Rock Correctional Center, said Richard Schmitz, spokesman for the Alaska Department of Corrections.

When the state began using the plane in November 2005, prisoner transport accounted for 58% of the jet's use, and Murkowski's office used it 23% of the time. Over time, Murkowski's usage increased.
In all fairness, using the private jet for this purpose cost about twice the cost of using the US Marshal's service (I have no data on the cost for the 10% who are transported commercially). Palin could have gotten the same effect by just saying she thought the plane to be over the top so she tried to sell it on ebay so one has to wonder why she and her staff not only exaggerated the story, they actually stood by the embellishment when questioned about it.

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