Sunday, September 07, 2008

Jesus. Hussein. Christ.

The Seattle Times has a laugh-riot of a story about Sarah Palin's initial campaign to be Mayor of Wasilla and her first year in the position. This woman must be Karl Rove's love child:

To Stein, the three-term mayor, this campaign had unusual overtones, raising issues that had no bearing on local government. He would marvel at how abortion became an issue — he was labeled pro-abortion — and how some people noted that his wife's last name differed from his. He later noted how Palin's backers included what he called the "Liquor Cabinet" and Wasilla's religious conservatives.

In October 1996, about a third of Wasilla's registered voters went to the polls. Palin collected 616 votes — 58 percent of the total. "It's a new direction," she told the Frontiersman, the local newspaper.

Afterward, a TV station called her Wasilla's "first Christian mayor." This prompted a letter from Stein, saying: "Really?" He listed eight previous mayors, all Christian, and added: "With a name like 'Stein' some suspected that I must be a non-Christian, have non-Christian blood or at least have sympathized with a non-Christian sometime in my career. I'm proud of such a reputation but I, my family and forbearers are of the Christian persuasion, too."

The story has a little more detail on the firings we've all been hearing about and also let's us know that when Sarah Palin says she's been intimidated someone has really threatened her:
"When I met with you in private, instead of engaging in interactive conversation with me, you gave me short, uncommunicative answers and then you would sit there and stare at me in silence with a very stern look, like you were trying to intimidate me."
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