Saturday, September 20, 2008

The straw that broke the Palin's back

Well, according to documents uncovered by ABC News, it looks like Sarah Palin is not exactly lying when she says she didn't fire Walt Monegan [purely] for refusing to fire her ex-brother-in-law. She fired him for a much more egregious reason, his "rogue" mentality and refusal to follow her every directive:
"The last straw," her lawyer argued, came when he planned a trip to Washington, D.C., to seek federal funds for an aggressive anti-sexual-violence program. The project, expected to cost from $10 million to $20 million a year for five years, would have been the first of its kind in Alaska, which leads the nation in reported forcible rape.

The McCain-Palin campaign echoed the charge in a press release it distributed Monday, concurrent with Palin's legal filing. "Mr. Monegan persisted in planning to make the unauthorized lobbying trip to D.C.," the release stated. ABC News
See the rogue mentality, which lead Monegan to buck the pressure to join Palin's personal vendetta again former her brother-in-law Trooper Mike Wooten, also lead the reckless renegade of a Public Safety Commissioner to do the job he was hired to do. To this effect, Monegan obtained authorization to travel from Palin's Chief of Staff instead of getting a permission slip from Mrs. Palin herself and, when you're in the scope of Sarahcuda's crossbow, zigging when you should have zagged is a violation of her administration's directives and a fireable offense. This means that, while the Palin administration permitted Monegan to travel to DC in his official capacity, he wasn't allowed to say or do anything without the expressed written permission of the governor herself. According to Palin aide, Randy Ruaro:

Monegan asked for -- and received -- approval for the travel without telling Palin's staff his reason for going. "As a matter of routine, the travel was approved by Mike Nizich ... weeks before the actual purpose was made clear by former Commissioner Monegan," Ruaro wrote.

"When you receive permission to travel, it does not mean that you receive blanket authorization to discuss or do whatever you would like on that trip," he added.

So there you have it folks: any state Public Safety Commissioner who wants to travel to a meeting to obtain support to curb acts of sexual violence plaguing his/her state is dangerous, irresponsible and insubordinate - even when authorization to travel to attend a meeting with a US Senator representing the state is obtained. If the Palinista's were so concerned that Monegan was a renegade (disloyal to her administration), why did they not specifically ask what the topic of Monegan's meeting with Senator Murkowski would be and/or what, exactly, Monegan planned to do during his business trip to DC?

h/t to Lev Raphael


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Anonymous said...

so, can they provide documentation that they withdrew Monegan's authorization to travel when they did finally found out what the purpose of his trip was?