Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A group discount and a side of fries

My dear friend, Don "I'm obsessed by what's going on in your bedroom" Wildmon, sent me this lovely email asking me to inform everyone I know about how McDonald's sent it's staff to a training seminar in Austin, TX and had the audacity to let the organizers know they were sending enough staff to qualify for a 10% group discount. According to Wildmon,

Eligibility to receive the discount required "groups of 15 or more registrants for the full price 3-day (Out & Equal 2008 Workplace) Summit."

McDonald's applied for the special "discount code" off the regular registration price of $775 per person. The registration price did not include the employee's air travel, hotel and meal expenses.

The Out & Equal Summit provides HR types and employee resource groups an opportunity to network with others and share best practices for managing diversity & employment benefits programs. It is, of course, appropriate for McDonald's to send their HR staff to this summit as the company does offer health insurance (including dental & vision) coverage for domestic partners and dependents of FT employees as well as has a medical benefits package that covers gender reassignment surgery, post-operative care and mental health counseling.

I really couldn't tell why Don seemed so angry in his email. After all, even though the economy is A-OK, I'm sure that McDonald's finance department would have been upset if they hadn't asked for the discount - that's a minimum of a $1,162 the company saved. Even though I'm not a shareholder, it's nice to know that the folks at McDonald's are being fiscally responsible.

Any way, Don also sent me this link that lets you locate a McDonald's near you so you can write the manager to let them know you think it's great they're committed to diversity - even though they look like cheapskates for asking for the discount.


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