Monday, October 03, 2005

Missing Monday: parental abduction

4-year old Erik Buran represents a case of an insiduous form of child abuse: parental abduction. Erik's parents separated 6 weeks after his birth, subsequently divorced and fought a nasty custody battle. For a while they had joint custody but Erik's father, Robert Buran, gained full physical twice over a 2 year period due to Erik testing positive for illicit drug use (exposure via his mother's breast milk) and later due to concerns of (physical) child abuse by his mother's boyfriend Steven Allen Streight.

On April 21, 2005, Erik was abducted from his Reno, NV home by Streight and his non-custodial mother, Karen Ann O'Grady (she has also gone by the last names of Streight, Hallsted, O'Grady-Hallsted, Buran, Akers and Ligone).

The couple fled with Erik from their Fernley, NV home in a recently purchased 1979 "Jamboree" Class C motor home on a Dodge Truck chassis on April 25, 2005. Erik is registered with NCMEC and there is a website dedicated to finding Erik that has additional background and pictures.

last month
, both Shaista Bano & Daniel Bruynell have been removed from the NJ state missing persons list (I assume this means they've been located). I've not been able to find any updates on Shenier Denton (the 15-year old honor student who disappeared from her Queens neighborhood in August, she is not registered with NCMEC so I'm working on the assumption that she, too, has been located).

Unfortunately, 27-year old Taneke Daniels and LaToya Byrd (see side bar) are still missing. Also missing is 15-year old endangered runaway Samantha Gail Garcia (see side bar) and 15-year old Whitney Stewart, who ran away from her Carlisle, PA home September 16th. Whitney is 5' 3", weighs approximately 145 pounds.

If you have any information on the missing children, please contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).

If you have any information about Taneke Daniels' disappearance or her whereabouts, please contact the Philly PD at 215-686-3013/3014 and refer to DC# 05-17-023905 and SDD# 05-4342.

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