Saturday, October 29, 2005

The old I forgot to take my ginko defense

It looks like Scooter will be defending himself by saying he didn't intentionally lie or try to impair Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation, he was just so busy doing really important things he plumb forgot how the Valerie Plame outing actually went down. No siree, the #1 guy to America's #2 didn't consistently and intentionally lie to investigators he was just so distracted by "the hectic rush of issues and events at a busy time for our government" that when he reached down into his long-term memory banks he was pretty sure he only engaged in a little innocent gossip mongering with a bunch of reporters.

I, for one, am reassured to know that administration officials like Scooter (and Turdblossom, who's admitted to at least confirming he'd heard the juicy Plame-Wilson tidbit too) seem to
think it's OK to dish classified dirt during routine coffee klatches with reporters because reporters know how and when to keep a secret. For the life of me I can't understand why Fitz and the grand jury didn't buy Libby's Hedda Hopper routine, I wonder if a jury will believe Joe Tate's "Scooter was so busy he even forgot to take his Ginko" song & dance.

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