Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Did the FCC just endorse Christianity?

Five years after applying to increase it's wattage from 10 to 250, WAVM has received it's response from the FCC. The government organization has decided to reallocate radio frequency from Maynard High School which has operated the station at 91.7 on the FM dial for 35 years to a Christian Broadcasting network. The reason provided for the frequency's reassignment is because the FCC has determined that the commercial promotion of Christianity is a "better use" of the public airwaves than a public high school radio/communications program.
According to [faculty advisor Joe] Magno, that ``opens the floodgates for any other station to challenge the station's license and take its frequency.''
Using a point scale that considers such factors as audience size, the FCC ruled the Christian broadcasting network the better applicant. WAVM is given 30 days to appeal, and has done so.

If the FCC refuses to overturn its decision, WAVM will fall silent.
``The little guy does not stand much of a chance. Legally, we don't have a leg to stand on,'' Magno said.

No word on when Agape Press will submit a plan to control the school's newspaper.

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