Wednesday, October 26, 2005

ice cream indictment man!

psyche! In a move reminiscent of Eddie Murphy's "ice cream man", sources are saying special prosecuter Patrick Fitzgerald won't be making any announcements today but will wait until the grand jury's term expires (this Friday) to do so. According to CNN, some experts have said the extra time may allow for the grand jury to consider other indictments later this week. In the meantime, Raw Story has a developing story indicating that Fitzgerald has asked for indictments against both Karl Rove & Scooter Libby. I feel like a girl anticipating a romantic week-end excursion with her boyfriend wondering if she'll come back with a ring on her finger.

UPDATE 26Oct05 13:37: Raw Story's now reporting that Fitzgerald has asked the grand jury to indict Scooter Libby on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice as he focuses on Cheney's office. Sources also say the prosecutor offered a deal to Dubya's favorite turdblossom to plead guilty to perjury to avoid being charged with obstruction of justice. They indicate that when Libby informed Rove about Valerie Plame's position at the CIA, he neglected to mention that she was a NOC. As I've noted ad nauseaum, the SF-312 Rove signed requires him to confirm that information is not classified prior to disclosing/confirming it - which means he would have claim that Libby told him point blank that the information about Plame was not classified and that he plans to fight charges that he intentionally lied to mislead investigators in furtherance of a cover-up by the administration. Raw Story also notes that 2 officials not employed by the WH may face indictments as well - there's no reference to any possible conspriacy charges.

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