Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Twas the night before Fitzmas

'Twas the night before Fitzmas, when at the White House
The President was steaming, and starting to grouse;
Chiefs of staff were bent over, asses in the air,
In fear some indictments soon would be there;

McClellan kept dodging the rumors that spread,
While fears of convictions filled him with dread;
Kay was on TV spewing some crap,
Wondering why Judy wouldn't take the rap.

When down in the District there arose such a clatter,
Bush just kept screaming, mad as a hatter.
Frist called his trustees to ensure he had cash,
by selling his stock before it could crash.

Tension was mounting and starting to grow
as to the grand jury, Fitzgerald did go.
Bush would keep quiet afraid to appear
of being involved with charges so queer.

With lots of integrity, so thorough & quick
there was speculation they may indict Dick.
In spinning that started before the charges that came,
Rove kept repeating he didn't say her name.

"No Hammer! No Cheney! No Harriet, that Vixen!
Promote Condi to VP before they get Bush like Nixon!
The Republican Party must get on the ball,
and accuse Patrick Fitzgerald of having some gall!

DeLay posed for pictures wearing a smile and a tie
after he did laundry then got caught in a lie
but said he had power to make the Democrats cry.
We must not stop asking what the President knew,
just in case we must consider his impeachment too.

Amidst speculation, the prosecutor stayed aloof
though evidence revealed that someone did goof,
and Fitz can lay charges now that he has the proof.
The Democrats were hoping they could turn the country around,
before Dubya & the wingnuts run this nation aground.

Wow, I had no idea how long Twas the Night before Xmas is when I started this! This is the best I could do and I think there were still 5 stanzas left.

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