Monday, October 17, 2005

Fundie freaks on overload

Our frothing fundie friends at American Family Association are foaming up all over the place this month. It seems as though in addition to inundating & threatening to boycott the evil lesbian supporting, abortion mandating American Girl doll company, they're warning the sheeple about the hidden evils that lurk in television programming? Are they telling good Christians to avoid Desperate Housewives (a favorite among red state conservatives) due to the promotion of divorce, pre-marital sex, cuckholding, sex with minors, murder and *shudder* women seeking personal fulfillment by working outside the home (made worse by a man degrading himself by being a house-husband)? Noooooooooooo, they're all a twitter over those denizens of immorality at HGTV and Animal Planet because, if you pay really close attention while watching those channels you may find evidence of homosexuality [emphasis mine]
From the October 11 broadcast of American Family Radio's Today's Issues:

CALLER: I just wanted to make a comment that you really, really, really have to watch what you are watching on TV. I have come upon evidence of homosexuality and lesbian people on programs like HGTV and Animal Planet, where you really don't expect this to be an issue.

[AFA founder Donald] WILDMON: Right. You're very perceptive, [caller], because that does happen, even in the most innocent of places. You have to watch out for children's programs today as well because they'll slip it in there as well. [Media Matters]

I wonder what they'll do when they realize they slip some accurate science into the Discovery Channel.

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