Sunday, October 09, 2005

only tears left

The news this week-end has been pretty depressing. Flooding and mudslides may have killed thousands in Central America and Southern Mexico, more than 30,000 are feared dead from the earthquake in Pakistan and the gulf region has barely begun recovery efforts from hurricanes Katrina and Rita. A school teacher in Panabaj pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter
"There are no words for this. I have only tears left," said teacher Manuel Gonzalez, whose school was destroyed.
To make matters worse, after the outpouring of financial support for the gulf region and the pitiful handling of donations by FEMA and the Red Cross, those who don't suffer from donor fatigue may not trust relief organizations who still need funding to continue their work. If you can donate, I'm sure the many of the agencies I have listed in the Katrina section of my sidebar will be involved in international relief efforts, other agencies to consider donating to include:
World Manna, Mazon & Médecine Sans Frontières.

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