Sunday, October 30, 2005

The best short-list for SCotUS nominees around

Lost in the fray of the analyses of the first Fitzmas and which christotheocrat activist judge Bush will nominate to fill Sandra Day O'Connor's spot in the Supremes (my guess is Scalito) was the best short-list of judges for the position I've come across. This list was submitted by one of Dan Abrams' viewers. I saw the first name coming a mile away (as did John G) but the last name on the list was not only a complete shocker, it was dead brilliant:

Bernie Flem (ph) in Yonkers, New York has his own list. “Here‘s my short list. Number one, Judge Judy. He says Jewish American female. Number two, Judge Milian, “People‘s Court”. He says Hispanic American female. Number three, Judge Hatchett, African American female. And number four, Judge Reinhold.
As funny as the Judge Reinhold suggestion was, Abrams' admission that he initially tried to figure out what court Reinhold was on made the suggestion even funnier
It did take me a minute to get that one. I‘m asking people around here—I‘m like who‘s Judge Reinhold? Where is he a judge? All these other judges I know from TV. Judge Reinhold -- and I‘m like Judge Reinhold. I get it!
Even my parents know who Judge Reinhold is (something I confirmed when I took them to dinner to celebrate my dad's 74th birthday).

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