Friday, October 14, 2005

Indiana judge doesn't like parents, nullifies adoption

The state of Indiana is proving yet again that it has made the mistake of empowering the most ignorant of people who feel they have a right to impose their personal moral views and beliefs to the detriment of children and families. The latest salvo comes from a judge in the Morgan Juvenile Court which nullified the adoption of a little girl by the couple who'd been raising her since 2004, when the state asked them to provide a home for the 2-day old abandoned infant and to consider adopting her. The couple are licensed by the state as pre-adoptive foster parents and have successfully served as foster children in the state over the years but when the judge supervising the child's foster care placement found out the foster parents planning to adopt her were lesbians, she ordered the State child welfare agency to find the child a home with a married heterosexual couple instead. A heterosexual couple was not located to foster/adopt the child for several months and in the time it took to locate a new heterosexual family, Becki Hamilton & Kim Brennan were granted an adoption of the little girl by the Marion Superior Court. Despite Repubevangelical state senator Patricia Miller's defunct attempt to capitalize on public outrage over a surrogacy case & legally declare that single people are unfit parents by virtue of the fact they are not married, Indiana law does not prohibit homosexuals from acting as foster parents or adopting children. This case is further proof that the religious right is actually the biggest threat to American families as they continue to prove that their primary goal is imposing their religion regardless of the damage they are doing to children and the continuous undermining of the sanctity of marriage by trivializing the institution and non-fundamentalist families.

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