Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sunday Showdown

PinkDome thinks a Texas proposal to require race (and ethnicity?) to be displayed on the front of a driver's license isn't quite the best idea. The rationale for the proposal is that it would help a judge determine if the cop was using racial profiling to pull you over. If this is the real purpose, wouldn't it be more effective if they made the officer write down what (s)he thinks your race/ethnicity is?

Morambar (another fine Texan) has a great idea for those able to get to Kentucky for Jihadist Sunday: GO! Get there early, bring your camcorder (maybe Witness could spare a few?) and a beer - it's cheaper than going to a bad horror flick.

Speaking of horror, Michael Bérubé informs us that the Day of Truth (the Conservative response to the successful Day of Silence) may not go far enough. A dismal 40% of Americas gay teens are physically harrassed, a sinfully low rate by any estimation. Thank Heaven I took the time to read the comments as well. If it weren't for the brilliant Postmodernist, I would be complete unaware that abstinence is much more fulfilling than old-fashioned dry humping.

What would a day be without House Morals & Ethics Chairman Tom DeLay keeping something (well, anything but his father) on life-support well beyond it's expiration date?

Brother Jeb thinks anyone who feels threatened should be able to meet [perceived] force with real [including deadly] force, even at a ball game. Does this mean employees, escorts and patients at women's clinics should feel free to lock-n-load? The actual law itself does reference the requirement for a reasonable belief, but considering the new form of logic utilized by Conservatives some of us dirty liberals may have to take advantage of lax gun laws (guns don't kill people; people kill people, guns just make people significantly more efficient at doing so - and efficiency is a good thing).

NYC, that blistering den of iniquity is getting cleaned up. One of America's favorite past-times, Smut, will be limited to adult-only zones. I guess good, moral politicians will have to go elsewhere to get some action.

Thanks to Benjamin, I had nightmares about this family reunion. . . maybe I'll skip the Seders this year (my hottest cousins are girls and I'm afraid of what they next "logical" step might be after that).

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Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Got bawls? Do you, FemaNazi?? Alas, most of U.S. don’t! Poor, poor Yorick! Read the signs of the times, chump, and know God’s a concrete, kick-ass reality! GOD BLESSA YOUSE -Fr. Sarducci, SNL