Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Funny Pope stories

I have to admit I'm no fan of the late Pontiff, but I'm Jewish so I didn't have to agree with him, his interpretation of scripture or his policies. The vast majority of my friends are Catholic and they don't seem overly preoccupied or concerned about the Pope's death so it came as a surprise when I received an email from a colleague at work referencing him and his death. In all fairness, the colleague is Polish (as in born, raised and still living in Poland) and, as the Pope was also from Poland (which is a great source of pride for the country) it's understandable that Catholics there have taken his death quite poorly. Any way, as he and his friends are having "a very sad time with our Pope's death", he took it upon himself to look up some information about the Pope to disseminate that would make them smile as they reflected on his life:

Back when he was still Cardinal Wojtyla was fond of telling people that "in Poland 50% of cardinals love to ski. Only Cardinal Wyszynski doesn't ski at all"

When the Pope met father Leon from Tyniec who was very skinny, he said: "this is the definition of a monk: bones wrapped in a black tunic."

Over the past few years, there has been much media scrutiny about the Pope's health. Once a journalist asked the Pope how his health was. The Pope replied: "I don't know. Did not have a time to read the morning papers, yet"

In '94 during Synod of Bishops, the Pope could hardly walk to his chair. When he got there he whispered: "Eppur si mouve" ("nonetheless it's moving..." ) - this was the sentence spoken by Galileo, in reference to the Earth, when the holy inquisition made him withdraw his scientific findings on astronomy.

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