Thursday, April 14, 2005

Rudolph the Yellow-Bellied Hypocrite

Eric Rudolph, the domestic terrorist who was so proud to act on his "moral" convictions that he spent 5 years in hiding to avoid facing the consequences of those actions, has managed to avoid putting his proverbial money where is mouth is yet again. According to Rudolph:

"Abortion is murder. And when the regime in Washington legalized, sanctioned and legitimized this practice, they forfeited their legitimacy and moral authority to govern."
If I understand his statement, he's saying abortion is wrong because it is murder, and murder is most definitely wrong. Rudolph himself murdered a 35-year old off-duty police officer and injured many others in bombings of 2 clinics that perform abortions. In the minds of the "all life is sacred except when it comes to those they consider immoral" set, anyone who works at or patronizes such a clinic is a murderer who deserves the death penalty. The death penalty and other forms of corporal punishment( including maiming) is a sentence that can be handed down by those who have the moral authority to do so (this authority is legitimately limited to "Pro-Life" supporters).

According to Rudolph, homosexuality doesn't pose a threat when it's kept private, but being gay in public is an attempt to "force society to accept and recognize this behavior" that should be met with "force if necessary". Based on this and his own superb moral authority, Rudolph felt justified in injuring 5 women who compounded the heinous sin of homosexuality by going to a lesbian nightclub.

Rudolph also set off a the infamous pipe bomb during the 1996 Summer Olympics that directly caused the death of a 44-year old woman (in other words, he murdered her) and injuries to over 100 others. Rudolph is fully aware that Centennial Olympic Park was neither an abortion provider nor a gay bar; he master-minded this attack to shame the US for legalizing abortion.

Eric Rudolph is a murderer. Eric Rudolph thinks murder is wrong. Eric Rudolph thinks murderers deserve the death penalty. Eric Rudolph has strong moral convictions and is willing to endanger others and murder in support of them. Eric Rudolph cut a deal to avoid facing the death penalty for committing murder. Eric Rudolph is a flaccid excuse for a human being who doesn't have the balls to stand by his supposed convictions.

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