Friday, April 22, 2005

Cranio-anal inversion and the brain damage caused by resultant hypoxia

You know someone is completely full of themselves when they refer to themselves as Dr. so-and-so. I can understand a physician or other healthcare provider with a web-site used to dispense healthcare information naming that site Dr. so-and-so dot com, but Mike Adams is a criminology Professor whose site is (you guessed it) Like most people who feel the need to use their title to fluff make themselves out to be an expert on whatever they choose to speak about, Adams is a bit of a pompous ass.

Earlier this week, Adams posted about his recent visit and speech at Gonzaga University. Now, I have no problem with him farting out moronic comments ("But I won't talk about any of these things-especially the National Day of Silence. In fact, I would like to start a National Year of Silence. Imagine going twelve months without hearing some guy with a lisp decry the high cost of grooming his miniature poodle.") while his head is stuffed firmly up his ass.

The crux of his piece had nothing to do with his visit or speech on campus but a lame attack on a year old communique sent by Gonzaga Religious Studies Professor Robert Egan that said [emphasis added]:
"George W. Bush's proposal that we pass an amendment to the United States Constitution banning gay marriages (is) the first such amendment which would actually single out a specific group of American citizens for the explicit purpose of denying them their civil rights, in this case their right to marry whom they choose, their right for equal protection under the law, and their right to protection against illegal gender discrimination."
Adam's, in his infinite wisdom (he is Dr. Adams, you know) felt compelled to include an author's note that would show how completely ignorant Egan was and highlight Adams' own brilliance. The problem is, Adams missed the boat [emphasis added]:
"(Author' note: It is unclear whether Professor Egan is yet aware of the status of the Mormons' request to "marry whom they choose." The constitutional status of that request was only determined recently, I am told)"
It appears as though Adams doesn't exactly understand Egan's statement. If I'm being honest, Adams doesn't even come close to showing any comprehension of the statement at all (possibly due to his being light-headed from inhaling all that gas). Egan was talking about an attempt at amending the consitution to ensure that a specific group of individuals does not have the right to marry. Laws against polygamy do not allow anyone to lawfully be married to more than one person at a time; thes laws are applied equally to everyone regardless of gender, race, socio-economic status, hair color, religion, etc. Morman's, like all other Americans, can marry whom they choose; if they decide they want to be married to another they can divorce the first spouse and marry a new. The same cannot be said for gay people who want to get married to their partner but are not legally permitted to marry that one person solely because the couple is gay. Maybe if Adams got more fiber in his diet, he could build up enough pressure to dislodge his rather large head from his rectum.

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