Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Classy Ladies

Katie Hale of St. George, UT, can truly claim to be Pro-life. The 50 year old grandmother of 3 donated 1/5 of her liver to 10 month old Alonda Martinez who was in the throes of end-stage hepatic failure. Who wouldn't take that risk to save the life of their grandchild - right? Of course, but this wasn't her grandchild - Alonda was a complete stranger. Hale had been on the donor list for two years after reading how the liver can regenerate itself and now she's given the greatest gift one person can give to another. G-d bless Katie Hale for her selflessness. G-d bless the Martinez family and best wishes for a speedy recovery and long, healthy life for little Alondra.

You've probably heard that Janeal Lee, who won Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin, was stripped of her title for not being disabled enough. As is the norm for pageants, when the winner can not fulfill her duties (or is not allowed to do so), the first runner up is crowned in her stead. Today it was announced that the first runner up, Michelle Kearney, refused to accept the crown in protest. The crown will, instead, go to second runner up Kim Jerman who plans to represent Wisconsin in the national pageant next July in NY.

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