Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A full (Sun Myung) Moon in Washington

Jesse Taylor of Pandagon has posted an alert to the must read three-part series the Moonies (d.b.a. The Washington Times) is doing "on why the ACLU is home to atheist Nazi-sympathizers, communists, and, uh, suffragettes."

Part One details the "secular assault on religion" lead by a "network of organizations that shares logistics, troops, board members and funding sources and includes radical feminists, humanists, atheists and liberal Jewish and Christian groups." The latter of which are, obviously, as anti-religion as you can get (you know, the types that preach "tolerance" which is a code word for the homosexual agenda). The lead organization is the G-d-hatin' ACLU founded by Roger Baldwin who was Unitarian, a denomination that sounds like some covert Jew group since they believe "in God but not in the divinity of Christ." The story goes on to explain how these unpatriotic freaks lobby to remove innocuous references to religion like creches at city hall & Christmas carols in public schools because, as we all know, they aren't a state endorsement of religion, they just make sure everyone knows that Jesus is our saviour born of a virgin (non-Christians are more than welcome to remain in denial if they insist).

Part deux will, no-doubt, be an expose on how the succubi at elitist main line colleges (is that redundant?) drain innocent ditto-heads of all moral values (probably during all those "Take Back the Night" vigils).

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