Friday, April 22, 2005

Papal Missive to Karen Brauer

Dear Karen:

I have recently advised Catholics in Spain as to the appropriate way to handle those evil homos trying to get married and ruin the world. My advice was wise (I am Pope, you know) and believe it can be universally applied by all Catholics who are employed by evil-doers who are not only willing to be complicit in sin but want to drag you to Hell with them. I told Catholic officials in Spain to be prepared to lose their jobs rather than co-operate with the law.

I see you have already lost your job at Kmart for interfering in the dispensation of weapons of murder, and think you should amend the stand you and the members of PFLI take to include either quitting your job to avoid working at any den of iniquity that actually sells those products of destruction or let them fire you for refusing to fill immoral prescriptions on the basis of your religion (if they fire you, you may still be eligible to collect unemployment). Now I understand that some of your Evangelical members may have problems taking advice from a guy who "holds a false and unbiblical office" in a "false church that teaches false gospel" but, since we're on the same side, I'll forgive them for that (that Mohler guy is another story). I'm sure you will your exceptional gift of logic to talk some sense into them and they too will know I am right.

Yours in Christ,

Pope Benedict XVI

PS/Atrios has a lot to learn about Papal Power

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