Friday, April 15, 2005

Injustice Sunday: A Fundamental(ist) Guide to "Religious Persecution"

Next Sunday (24 April), James Dobson's Focus on Family & Family Research Council will launch an all-out assault on the country in the name of protecting Christianity from dissention. They will, reportedly, be joined by Religious Majority Dictator Bill Frist in a simulcast broadcast on the Christian Television Network.

During the simulcast, Dobson & Perkins will elucidate how Senate Democrats are discriminating against President Bush's judicial nominees solely because those nominees are known or suspected Christians, not due to concerns about the extreme political views of these nominees as they claim (and we all know, discrimination based on religion is always wrong when it comes to hiring practices). Any action to prevent approval of the President's nominees is iron-clad proof that the secularist-run (non-Orthodox Jews, liberal christians and members of other marginal/heathen "religions" are really secularists) Democratic party is in the midst of an all-out war on people of faith & religion, Christianity in particular.

It cannot be underestimated how dangerous it is for Christians (and Christianity itself) to be in the majority in a coutry when the government does not support Christianity as the state religion. As such, there are people in this country who steadfastly refuse to accept all tenets of Christianity as literally described in Scripture (that would be the Christian Old Testament except where superceded by the New Testament; the Qu'ran is false because it is text adhered to by Islam in an attempt to usurp the authority of the New Testament)and/or morality in accordance to the official Republican Platform.

The purpose of next Sunday's event, according to Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, is to [emphasis added]:
"pound the United States Senate with phone calls and faxes, telling them to stop filibustering people of faith and vote up or down on the president’s judicial nominees. We have got to get the Christians of this country -- people of faith -- to understand that this is an issue; this is a battle they cannot miss.”
The threat of Democrats to filibuster or otherwise prevent the approval of these judges presents a clear and present danger to the Republican party's ability to seat judges that will ensure all US law is reviewed in context with the religious beliefs of our founding fathers and the Christian heritage on which this country was built.

Former U.S. Representative Bill Dannemeyer (R-CA) emphatically states the biggest problem facing our nation is the inabilibity of the current leadership of this nation, led by Congress, has to make a basic decision to acknowledge that G-d does, in fact, exist. Until this happens, the ability of the Christian majority to use G-d's existence to justify legislation based on their intrepretation of His rules. Perkins concurs, indicating that representative government is threatened when the courts refuse embrace/accommodate Christian values while intepretting the law, in failing to do so, they are acting in a hostile manner toward Christians and attacking the religious beliefs on which this country was founded.

Once these nominees and others of their ilk are seated, the Republican Party can set things right. Interpretation of the First Amendment will be re-clarified as being neutral towards denomination, not religion. This will protect the most devout of the majority religion (the people of faith) from those who would fight scripture based legislation and allow the US to officially be declared a Fundamentalist/Orthodox Christian nation (provided one particular denomination of Christianity is not favored over all others). Additionally, this will continue to protect "people of faith" not only from the current onslaught by Atheists, Jews, Liberal "christians", Muslims, Secularists and heathens, but from future generations who may take the occasional dip in the liberal pool.

Now before you panic, in making the US a Christian country, the Republican Party will not be mandating specifics of religious practice and belief. Religious based legislation and social policy will be limited to the realm of sexual immorality, education and government supported expression to aid in the observance of Christmas and Easter. Government regulation of business practices (including the business of medicine and financial institutions), the penal system and social programs (i.e., social security & welfare); this is a Capitalist Country after all.

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