Saturday, April 09, 2005

Helping those who plan to do harm is A-OK as long as it pays well

Arthur Finkelstein - if you pay attention to US politics you know he's the savvy political consultant that helps bring excessive power to social conservatives who want "less government" (as in decrease support for social programs that help people) except when it comes to religion and sex. On the latter two topics, these politicians insist that the government be the vehicle to save our mortal souls by imposing fundamentalist/ultra-orthodox religious views on our lives via public schools and legistating our love lives/sex lives.

Finkelstein, who is openly gay after being outed in 1996, has worked for many right-wing gay bashers who voted for anti-gay legislation while he supported them:
  • Lauch Faircloth (R-NC)
  • Jesse Helms (R-NC)
  • Don Nickles (R-OK)
  • Bob Smith (R-NH)

Arthur Finkelstein who is referred as the "Godfather of dirty politics" by his detractors , and who vilifies Democrats as "liberals" (you know those "liberals" support the rights of gays to marry and would let those sinning homos raise kids don't you?) announced on Friday that he recently married his male partner in a civil ceremony conducted at his home. Finkelstein and his husband have been a couple for about 40 years and live in Ipswich, MA with their 2 adopted children.

I guess the homo-haters have found a legitimate use for gay folks (other than kindling) and that some people are willing to sell out the rights of others for a couple of bucks. Welcome to AmeriKKKa.

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