Wednesday, April 27, 2005


This morning, in the midst of correspondence with my colleagues in Poland, I quickly checked my calendar to determine if there were any upcoming holidays that would impact our timelines and noted that next Thursday is the Polish May 3rd Constitution Anniversary. I ran a quick check on it and found out the following:
The May 3rd, 1791 Constitution was the first liberal constitution in Europe and the second in the world, after the Constitution of the United States.

Following the American pattern it established three independent branches of government — executive, legislative and judiciary. Throughout the constitution runs philosophy of humanitarianism and tolerance including: perfect and entire liberty to all people; rule by majority; secret ballot at all elections; and religious freedom and liberty.

But, most importantly, the constitution abolished the one vote veto powers of individuals who would undermine proposals, for their own dubious reasons.
Later in the day, I snuck a quick peak at Fafblog where, lo' and behold, Fafnir had posted an interview with The Constitution which included a preview of the next School House Rock episode:
I'm a Constitution in exile, just a Constitution in exile,
And everybody's ignored me for a while…
Unlike the US, the Poles get a 4 day holiday week-end to honor their Constitution and we're in the midst of what may be a 4 year run of the Republicans & Fundagelicals trampling on ours. Which country is ass backwards?

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