Monday, June 27, 2005

This week on This Way Out - blogswarm for Zach

As I mentioned the other day, Jerry Trowbridge produced a piece about the blogswarm around Zach at the inappropriately named Refuge/Love in Action that will air on this week's This Way Out hosted by Greg Gordon which I think airs on NPR. Jerry's piece includes commentary by EJ Friedman, Terence Heath, Peterson Toscano, Ben Garrett and yours truly (sounding even more neurotic and nasal than usual). The program will be available online at Planet Out to listening to at your leisure by Wednesday night.

Since I'm ho'ing it up, the rest of the program features stories on the following:

a Warhol superstar moves from "Housedress" to history in print and on screen (with clips from the Lily Tomlin-narrated documentary, our Steve Pride talks with multi-media creator Craig B. Highberger about his "Superstar in a Housedress: The Life and Legend of Jackie Curtis")

"NewsWrap" (reported this week by Cindy Friedman & Rick Watts), reservations abound around Slovenia's new partner law, Czech lawmakers give initial approval to their registration bill, and partner rights are expanded in Germany, while the Spanish Senate's disapproval won't derail marriage equality legislation, nor does it seem that Tory opposition can block a similar bill in Canada. Those stories - and more this week - when you tune in to "This Way Out: the international lesbian and gay radio magazine", the world's audio oasis for GLBT news and culture.

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