Sunday, June 29, 2008

The REAL reason marriage is bewteen a man & a woman

As we all recall, back in the day women were chattle. Today, CNN's Mental Floss, reminds us of this:
All of our society's gender issues stem from the fact that fathers once used their daughters as currency to a) pay off a debt to a wealthier land owner, b) symbolize a sacrificial, monetary peace offering to an opposing tribe or c) buy their way into a higher social strata.

So next time you tear up watching a beaming father walk his little girl down the aisle, remember that it's just a tiny, barbaric little hold over from the days when daughters were nothing but dollar signs to daddy dearest
"Traditional" marriage was dealt a bit of a blow centuries later when radical heterosexuals insisted that marriage be turned on it's ear to allow people to choose their own spouse based on love. Then, things went further awry, and women were debased even further, due to radicals insisting on turning coverture laws in the late 1800's. So, the next time some asshat brings up a need for secular law to protect "traditional marriage" let's make sure they insist on going back to the real origins of marriage to codify that law. A few of the religious wingnuts and garden variety misogynists will gleefully vote for such a law/amendment, but I bet that most conservatives will shudder at how that stance will be used against them.

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