Sunday, April 06, 2008

For whom the ringtone tolls

Teruo and Miyoko Oba have found a whole new use of their "friends and family" minutes that is most definitely not for the squeamish
The family plot in Kofu, a rural city near the Japanese Alps, boasts a high-tech, "QR" black-and-white square, linking the Oba's pictures and history to phone-carrying visitors who can enter virtually to pay their respects.

Tombstone maker Ishinokoe says the QR codes, which users scan to link with everything in Japan from buses to restaurant reservations, are a new way to visit its "memorial service window" grave sites that contain more than the cremated ashes of the deceased. [MSNBC]
Wow, and I always thought I was supposed to turn my phone off at funerals. . .


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