Thursday, June 23, 2005

Love OUT of action?

I got home to a glorious email that included a story indicating that the state of Tennessee has begun an investigation of child abuse at "Love In Action", the unlicensed Memphis facility that advertises a program called Refuge in which boasts "reparative therapy" to exorcise gay teens of their homosexual demons. Since I didn't want to post anything without a link, I headed over to see what Terrence had uncovered and if there'd been any updates. Even though it's extremely difficult to prove emotional abuse, the fact that the state has decided #1 to look into this particular issue (especially as Zach's treatment has been extended) and #2 look into why an unlicensed facility is advertising any sort of psychiatric/psychological therapy is a major breakthrough. I agree with Terence wholeheartedly when he says
"If you ask me, subjecting a kid to the kind of psychological warfare and identity assault that this program sounds like ought to be considered child abuse."
Any organization or program that preys on the vulnerability and feelings of disenfranchisement of a child in an attempt to force them to reject themselves in favor of someone else's idea of who and what they should be is one that shows little regard for that child's emotional wellbeing. But then again, what do you expect by an organization that shows nothing but contempt for the truth?

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