Thursday, June 30, 2005

I am a Big Five Neurotic Anger Management Candidate

Richard Chapelle is doing some research on bloggers, personality (as measured by the IPIP-NEO inventory), and political orientation (as measured by the Political Compass quiz).

Richard plans to compile these data and make them available to social scientists and statisticians under an open-source license. This is a really neat project and I encourage all my fellow bloggers to participate.

The 5-factor model is a fascinating subject in its own right. It's one of the most scientifically rigorous approaches to the study of personality that psychology has to offer. I'm working on a post about the history and theory of the big five. I hope to post it in the next day or two.

Here are my results. Richard's instructions for taking the test and spreading the meme appear below the fold.

Age: 38
Gender: Female
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Religion: Jewish
Occupation: Pseudo-Scientist - Clinical Drug Development
Began blogging (dd/mm/yy): 08/11/04

Political Compass Results
Economic Left/Right: -4.62
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.49

[NB: These numbers are percentile rankings comparing my scores to those of other adult women. When you take the test, your scores will be calculated relative to the responses of other people of the same age and gender.]

EXTRAVERSION: 35 (Average)
Friendliness: 8
Gregariousness: 27
Assertiveness: 44
Activity Level: 56
Excitement-Seeking: 47
Cheerfulness: 71

Trust: 20
Morality: 76
Altruism: 70
Co-operation: 4
Modesty: 75
Sympathy: 75

Self-Efficacy: 44
Orderliness: 29
Dutifulness: 72
Achievement-Striving: 59
Self-Discipline: 60
Cautiousness: 43

Anxiety: 84
Anger: 89
Depression: 88
Self-Consciousness: 54
Immoderation: 96
Vulnerability: 67

Imagination: 71
Artistic Interests: 14
Emotionality: 47
Adventurousness: 39
Intellect: 66
Liberalism: 53

Track List:
1. Philosophy, et cetera - - pixnaps97a2
2. Majikthise - 6ea37d10-e9b9-11d9-8cd6-0800200c9a66
3. The Disenchanted Forest - - 112017623194120347


OK, I cop to the major league neurotic thing and the fact I am very emotional and obstinant/tempermental, but man is it amazing how being miserably disappointed in my company (for which I had such high hopes) has shown up in this survey!

Overview: This post is a community experiment with two broad purposes. The first is to create publicly accessible data about bloggers' personalities, which may have sociological value in addition to being just plain fun. The second is to track the propagation of this meme through blogspace. Full details and explanation can be found on the original posting:

Instructions (to join in the experiment):

1) Take the IPIP-NEO personality test and the Political Compass quiz, if you have not done so already.

2) Copy to the clipboard that section of this post that is between the double lines, and paste it into your blog editor. (Blogger users may wish to use 'compose' mode to preserve formatting and hyperlinks. Otherwise, be sure to add hyperlinks as necessary.)

3) Replace the answers in the "survey" section below with your own.

4) Add your blog information to the "track list", in the form: "Linked title - URL - optional GUID".

5) Any additional comments should go outside of the double lines, including the (optional) nomination of bloggers you wish to pass this experimental meme on to.

6) Post it to your blog!

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