Saturday, June 18, 2005

As it turns out, this Catholic School has assministrators too

The administrators of an Orange County Catholic School that upheld their decision to to allow the child of a gay couple to remain enrolled last year, has decided to make the enrollment of this child contingent upon parental behavior. Under pressure from families who wanted the child kicked out of school for the sin of being adopted by a gay couple, the school issued new admission guidelines in January that require parents to display
"appropriate conduct, in order to support the school's mission and provide positive role models to our students."
A memo of clarification was issued to teachers to clarify the policy on May 6:
"Practically speaking this means: The children adopted by a same-sex couple" may enroll "on the condition that the same-sex couple agree not to present themselves as a couple at school functions."
The school's principal, Sister Mary Vianney, opted not to have renewed her contract over the new policy despite having held the position for 31 years. No doubt, those parents of other children attending the school who objected to the child of a gay couple are elated at her decision. A word of caution to these parents, best hide your birth control, affair, and/or divorce as well - these are all actions that directly conflict with Catholic doctrine and therefor the school mission as well. Practically speaking, this should mean that children of divorced couples may enroll at the school on the condition that the divorced couple agree not to present themselves as divorced or engaging in adulterous relationships at school functions (this means leave the second spouse at home, there can only be one mommy and one daddy and they must be married to each other). Presumably single mothers who opt to have a child and send it Catholic school will have to lie and claim their husband died prior to the birth of their child so the school children don't know she had sex outside of marriage.

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