Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Just freakin' wow.

Obama won because there was a mandate for change with an expectation that the change will be literal, not rhetorical; a change that would be one that positively affect those who truly want a better life, a better country and a better world; a change in which it is no longer acceptable to use the government and legislation as a weapon to debase others or to use their mere "otherness" to deny them rights. The hate that's been spewed over the past 8 years has increased exponentially during this election and most of the country has been sickened by it to the point that they finally stood together en masse to make sure their calls for it to end were heard. History has been made in more than one way and it's time to move on to healing our country.

While we have much to look forward to in the Obama-Biden administration, tonight also represented some terrible losses in the crusade for equality and justice for all. Right now the heinous discriminatory Propositions banning gay marriage have passed in Florida and Arizona, and could still pass in California - these remove the rights of regular upstanding Americans and codify bigotry into state constitutions to ensure that the right of equal protection under the law afforded by the US constitution is blatantly ignored. Basic human rights are not a matter for individual states to decide nor should they be; it is up to the federal government to protect American citizens and ensure they do not lose precious rights by crossing state borders. For this country to be whole, all of us should have the same rights as we all have the same responsibilities, so there is still much to be done.


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